Arris Venture Management

Arris Venture Management Sdn. Bhd. is a venture capital management company licensed by the Securities Commission Of Malaysia ( Arris Venture Management objective is to drive business ideas into success stories at the global scene. Our network of experts from local and international arenas have played many roles in helping companies achieve their full potential successfully and exceed the targeted return to investors. We continuously innovate to shorten investment horizon and increase value to stakeholders and seek to be the preferred venture capital powerhouse that manages high quality investment portfolio.

Arris Venture Management’s strategy is to leverage its extensive network for investment opportunities in AustralAsian based private companies that provide exceptional potential for earnings growth. Investee companies will typically demonstrate:

  • A well balanced management team with strong leadership;
  • Operate in attractive, stable markets;
  • Provide the potential for at least 100% earnings growth over a 3 year time horizon; and
  • A realistic opportunity for the Fund’s exit through trade sale or IPO.

Utilising its in-house transaction advisory expertise, the Company will seek to negotiate and structure the Fund’s investments to provide a strong foundation for success, and then work actively with the investee company to deliver its business plan and drive the company towards the Fund’s exit event.

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Arris Venture

Arris Venture Sdn. Bhd. is a boutique venture capital and business finance company licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia ( Its main  focus is on local and international mezzanine stage companies. We seek to develop a diversified portfolio of investments in well-managed companies with good track record whose main constraint to growth is financial. Our focus industry has been in the Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Life Science and Clean Energy sectors. Other opportunities will also be considered, if they meet our investment criteria and objectives.

As a boutique venture capital, Arris Venture provides not only funding but also advisory and support. We form life-long partnerships with our clients with an extraordinary level of dedicated and personalised services with professionalism. We combination our extensive and proven analytical techniques from various business sectors and business experience, to create a customized holistic approach tailored to each client’s unique situation. With our well-established business network both local and international in the banking, accounting, legal, tax, consulting, public relations etc. we are strategically position to help our clients grow both locally or venture into the international market.


Arris Venture is currently promoting the below fund.

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