Ms. Chew Por Yan
CA(M), CPA(Aust), BEc(Acc), CFP
Co-Founder & Managing Partner (ACT Partners)

With more than 20 years of experience in building and directing high-performing teams and advising some of the leading companies, Chew is highly respected for her view on business and financial issues. She has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by companies competing locally or on the international stage and of the prospects presented to them by ever changing business environment. A regular speaker at Malaysia Institute of Accountant seminar, she has conducted numerous seminar on GST with MIA nationwide. She is sought-after speaker and have been engaged by business association and organization to conduct GST seminars. Some of her expertise include audit, taxation, liquidation, venture capital, corporate finance and GST. She holds leadership roles at Arris Group Of Companies, including directorship in Arris Venture, Arris Venture Management, Arris Consulting, Arris Project Advisory and Arris MSC.

Prior to establishing Chew & Co., ACT Partners and Arris Group of Companies, Chew was with Arthur Andersen & Co., where she gained experience in performing audit, taxation and consulting assignments to public listed companies and multi-national companies in a wide range of industries including the banking and financial sectors. She then joined the capital market to research and analyse the financial performance of public listed companies. Her employment at a rating agency and a foreign stock broking house have enriched her knowledge in accounting, finance and of the business environment.


Mr. Loh Lim Hock
Co-Founder & Director (Arris Group Of Companies)

Loh is the Executive Director of Arris Group Of Companies and Arris Cambridge, Australia. In his role, Loh has continued Arris' global reach, opening new company in Australia and building network and alliances in America, Canada, Europe, Middle East, India, China and Hong Kong. He also holds advisory roles at ACT Partners, including directorship in Business Development and Human Resource Management departments. Being a strategist, he constantly seeks out companies that are unique and dominant in their industry or market and actively helps those companies reach their vision.

With more than 25 years of experience in international business, marketing, business development, management and human resource advisory, having serviced many Multi-National companies (MNC), he brings with him rich knowledge in business and management from Japan, Europe, America and Asia. He has provided many clients with innovative idea and insight in helping them to growth their organisation. Loh has been involved and is knowledgeable in technology such as laser, imaging, ultrasound, precision measuring, optics  and reverse engineering. These engineering knowledge has provided him with an different view in understanding high tech company and allow him to lead the Technical Committee of the venture capital management company, Arris Venture Management Sdn Bhd.