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Arris Group of Companies /ACT Partners prides itself on providing a challenging and rewarding career environment for our team. In order to continue the rapid growth and the high degree of responsibility the group attaches, we need to attract exceptional people.

If you are one of those exceptional people, here are the key reasons we believe will make you love working in our group of companies.



Our Group’s mission is to help corporations create, sharpen and sustain their competitive edge. We seek to be the strategic advisor of choice to transform business and society worldwide.

We’re driven by this shared goal, a single purpose and are guided by our below set of values.


We are ambitious and determined

We seek to create a successful company for our clients and ourself

We believe that success begins by setting high and clearly defined targets

We take pride and satisfaction in reaching our targets and seeing things all the way through


Our commitment

When we accept a job, we put our heart and soul into our work regardless whether we work with our colleagues, our clients or our partners.

We take initiative, responsibility and constantly strive to become even better at the things we are good at.


We are honest and team-oriented

We believe that honesty creates results.

It also makes our company a better place to work and strengthens the relations with our clients and partners.

It invites mutual inspiration and co-operation and not least common responsibility.

In securing the best possible working relations, we believe that teamwork creates the best results.

We stand by our opinions, but at the same time we are good at listening and sharing knowledge with each other, our clients and partners.


We respect each other and the world around us

We have a fundamental respect for each other and consider our differences to be our strength and advantage.

When we meet, make agreements or change something, we involve each other in a manner that secures high motivation and trust.

We are honest and straight forward.

We see ourselves as an integral part of the society that surrounds us and we work wholeheartedly and with high ethics and professionalism to enhance the Quality of life for all our Stakeholders.


Quality of life

Of course, there’s one final element that helps to make our Group what it is today. Our team enjoy the international exposure via our TIAG network (our TAG Alliances™ rank as one of the top three independent accounting and legal alliances in the world) and Arris’ overseas office, our international affiliations and our worldwide consulting network.

Our management team are very approachable and supportive and willing to provide guidance to the team members.

With outstanding benefits (including study leave, sponsored external courses/training, paid parking for the whole of MPSJ area, clinical and hospitalisation benefit), great remuneration (including Incentive/bonus at least twice a year), excellent opportunity for career advancement/promotion and a balance working hours, it’s not just the work and atmosphere that makes our team members enjoy their jobs, it’s the tangible elements that they receive too.


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Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong, Selangor,
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