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 GST Is Here! What Should You Do Next

The next phase after integration of GST into your operations, companies must now assess if their implementation is GST compliance. It is crucial to have the insight over their new system in order to minimise risk and avoid the heavy penalties and fines. As GST is a multi-stage consumption tax system, it is critical that the data capture and data management system must always be accurate in generating report for tax filling in order to remain GST compliant.

Any error may cause severe consequences, such as;

  • Legal implication
  • Financial loses
  • Reputation risk

The cost to business of meeting its GST compliance obligations may comprises significant amount of their total business compliance costs. In country such as Australia which have implemented GST for many years, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia finding shown that small businesses' GST compliance comprises about 58% of their total internal compliance costs.

Given the high costs involved in being GST compliant, we can assist you in being compliant with the Royal Malaysia Customs Department (RMCD), to minimise your risk and avoid paying any penalties in a efficient way. 

We will check to make sure you are paying the correct amount of GST. We will also ensure that you are getting the correct amount of GST credits from the RMCD.

As part of our GST services, we will assess the effectiveness of your GST governance, risk management, internal assurance processes and procedures.

We will also check the level of your GST risk so that we can remove any GST errors that your GST Reports may have.

Contact us to make sure that your organisation GST system is both efficient and accurate.

GST News & Informations

GST Act 2014
Business owners should make sure that their companies are fully GST compliant.

Click here to download the GST Act 2014 in English.

di sini untuk muat turun Akta GST 2014 dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

The list of GST items under Zero-Rated Supply, Exempt Supply & Relief Order 2014 have been gazetted.

The list of items in the Goods and Services Tax under the  exempt supply, zero-rated supply and relief order have been gazetted. It is important for business owners to  understand how these products will impact their pricing and company once GST start in April 1, 2015. Below are the links to all the three documents gazetted in October 13, 2014.

Click here to download the Goods And Services Tax (Exempt Supply) Order 2014 in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Click here to download the Goods And Services Tax (Zero-Rated Supply) Order 2014 in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Click here to download the Goods And Services Tax (Relief) Order 2014 in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Goods and services tax (GST) overview

Goods and Services tax or Value Added Tax is a consumption based tax charged on all taxable supply of goods. GST will replace the current Sales and Service Tax  as means of tax collection in Malaysia. The implementation of GST will take effect from 1 April 2015 and the rate is fixed at 6%. Businesses that has sales turnover of RM 500,000 or more will have to register for GST, while business with revenue less than RM 500,000 will have voluntary option for registration.

How GST is going to impact your Business

GST impact

The impact of GST on businesses is significant in terms of cost, cash flows and compliance. Our GST Consulting Services are packaged and customised to suit your business unique requirements. We aim to help you effectively and efficiently implement GST in your businesses. We have also design the steps to get your business GST ready. Click the below icon and let's get ready!GST-let's-get-ready


Why we should be your advisor of choice in making your business GST compliant

ACT Partners offer a wide range of GST consulting services and training. Our clients include various industries from large manufacturing, hotel, construction, trading to multinational IT companies. We have organized many public GST seminars as well as in-house GST training for our clients. Our Managing Partner has been a regular speaker at GST seminars organized by The Malaysia Institute of Accountant (MIA). We have also been engaged to speak by various organizations and associations on GST.

Our GST experts were trained by the Royal Malaysia Customs Department (RMCD), passed the GST Consultants examination organized by RMCD/MIA and licensed by the Ministry Of Finance, Malaysia.  Besides the training from RMCD, our GST consultants had undergone 9 months GST training by our Australian alliance firm, WMS Solutions (WMS). We have been building our GST capabilities via the transfer of knowledge and experience from WMS as well as our own intensive in-house training to ensure we deliver effective GST consulting to our clients efficiently.

Our GST Seminar slide show at various locations and events


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