Managing Partner/执行合伙人

Ms. Chew Por Yan/周宝恩小姐

Head Office : 总公司

Wisma Chew & Co.
39, Jalan Kenari 17C,
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong,Malaysia
Tel 电话: 03-80763063
Fax 传真: 03-80731232
Email: contact@arris-group.com

Branch Office : 分公司

No. 41, Lorong Impiana 1,
Jalan Merbok,
Taman Impiana,
36000 TelukIntan, Perak.
Tel 电话: 05-6233860
Fax 传真: 05-6214380



  Audit Services审计服务

Our Client base is diverse in terms of types of business entities, size of companies and industries in which they operate. Our audit Clients include multi-national companies, subsidiaries of foreign public listed companies, companies registered in Malaysia but incorporated overseas, companies limited by guarantees, co-operatives, societies and non-government organizations. We also perform due diligence audits on business entities involved in mergers and acquisition.我们的客户群包括经营不同类型的企业实体、不同规模和不同行业的客户。我们的审计客户包括跨国公司、外国上市公司的子公司、注册于马来西亚但在海外成立的公司、担保有限责任公司、合作社、社团和非政府组织。我们还履行应尽职责调查涉及兼并和收购的企业实体的审计。

Taxation Services税务服务

We provide taxation compliance and advisory services to corporate Clients, partnerships, sole proprietorships, expatriates and Malaysian individuals.我们提供税务合规及咨询的服务给企业客户、合伙生意、独资企业、外籍人士和马来西亚国民。

Accounting Services会计服务

We perform monthly accounting services to a wide range of Clients including multi-national companies. On a monthly basis, our accountants prepare financial and management reports for the Clients as well as provide other value added services such as reporting on the variance between budgets and actual figures.我们为广泛范围的客户执行每月会计服务,包括跨国公司。根据每月,我们的会计师会为客户准备财务和管理的报告,以及提供其他的增值服务,例如在预算与实际数字之间的差异作出分析报告。

Company Secretarial公司秘书服务

We perform the duties of the company secretary as provided under the Companies Act, 1965.我们根据1965年的公司法令履行该公司提供的秘书职务。

Creditors and members liquidation / winding up债权人及自愿成员清算/清盘

We assist Clients to discontinue business operations. Our role is to protect and preserve the assets of the Clients, realize all assets and distribute proceeds to creditors. We will also commence communications with creditors to effect a scheme of arrangement between Clients and its creditors.我们协助客户停止业务。我们的责任是保护和维护客户的资产,实现所有资产和收益分配给债权人。我们也将着手与债权人沟通以实施客户和债权人之间的安排计划。