Mission , Vision & Values

The business world is changing rapidly. Past success no longer guarantees future success. To continue to thrive as a business, we must continuously re-evaluate our business environment, our competitive advantage and sharpen our strategy. We must look into the future, understand the trends and forces that may shape our business. Arris Group’s mission is to help corporations create, sharpen and sustain their competitive edge. We seek to be the strategic advisor of choice to transform business and society worldwide.                  


Our Values  

We are ambitious and determined

We seek to create a successful company for our clients and ourselves
Whizzkid with high aim
We take pride and satisfaction in reaching our targets and seeing things all the way through

Our commitment

When we accept a job, we put our heart and soul into our work regardless whether we work with our colleagues, our clients or our partners.
We take initiative,responsibility and constantly strive to become even better at the things we are good at.

We are honest and team-oriented

We believe that honesty creates results.
It also makes our company an better place to work and strengthens the relations with our clients and partners.
It invites mutual inspiration and co-operation and not least common responsibility.
In securing the best possible working relations, we believe that teamwork creates the best results.
We stand by our opinions, but at the same time we are good at listening and sharing knowledge with each other, our clients and partners.

We respect each other and the world around us

We have a fundamental respect for each other and consider our differences to be our strength and advantage.
When we meet, make agreements or change something, we involve each other in a manner that secures high motivation and trust.
We are honest and straight forward.
We see ourselves as an integral part of the society that surrounds us and we work wholeheartedly and with high ethics and professionalism to enhance the Quality of life for all our Stakeholders.


Chew & Co's Reception


"Arris your starting point to a sharp edge"

Arris Group Of Companies is an international financial, strategy and management consulting firm whose mission is to help corporations create, sharpen and sustain their competitive edge. The Group was formed as part of the audit firm Chew & Co. in 1997. As business grew, it was then spun off into individual companies with each specialising in different consulting segments starting from 2003.

Today, Arris Group has grown to 6 companies and has affiliations in a dozen more companies, all ready to help your organization grow. We specialise in helping businesses understand the evolution of the global economy, to improve their performance by creating, sharpening and innovating their competitive advantage. We further provide ideas and fact base that contribute to making critical management decisions that will help organization achieve its potential and objectives.

Message From the DirectorsCPY Message

Thank you for your interest in Arris Group Of Companies. Our consulting and advisory businesses are thriving, with a diverse set of prominent international and local corporate clients. We have been consulted by various clients from raising seed funding via Local Venture Capital Companies to IPO in international markets. On our Chartered Accountancy Practice, we have provided and helped train hundreds of local Malaysian undergraduate from Malaysian Universities and aboard. We are proud that Arris Group is carving its mark as the strategic advisor of choice to transform business and society worldwide.

The Arris Edge

We at Arris Group believe there is no one solution that fixes all, when it comes to solving our clients' business challenges.  Just like every client has its own unique vision and mission, solution needs to be customised in order to achieve its objective effectively and efficiently.

Arris' Holistic Customized Approach is the key to solving business issues in today's rapid evolving global environment. Our highly professional and personalised range of services with a global outfit, will provide our clients with insights holistically and globally to meet its ever demanding business challenges. Our ideas and fact base will further contribute in making critical management

Blossom healthy, confident and successful businesses

Blossom healthy, confident and successful businesses

decisions that will help our clients to achieve their full potential and objectives.

Customized Holistic approach Insights

Arris Group has the expertise from various business sector under one roof all ready to to help corporations create, sharpen and sustain their competitive edge. We combination our extensive and proven analytical techniques from various business sector and business experience, to create a customized holistic approach tailored to each client’s unique situation. We are able to help corporation on every step of their growth evolution from strategizing on company structure during formation of company to consulting on various incentive/government grant, licenses, funding, M & A, IPO in international market etc. We seek to be the strategic advisor of choice to transform corporations in this ever changing business environment.

Boutique Relationships   

We believe that trust and relationships are important in business.We form long term partnerships with our clients with an extraordinary level of dedicated and personalised services with professionalism.

Global Network

We are ever ready to help corporations grow whether within its current market or to expand regionally and internationally. With TIAG and TAGLaw network, we have a significant presence globally with more than 500 offices worldwide. Arris Group's affiliation with international investor banks, funders, merchant banks etc further provide synergy for clients that are looking for JV or M&A partner or funding to expand to other geographical area.

 Entrepreneurial Spirit

We believe in working as a team and taking accountability for our work. We are willing to share our clients’ risks through a variety of methods, including consulting for equity and success fees.